Mission Statement

Our Mission

Loudon Avenue Christian Church’s vision will become a reality through individual and collective commitment to daily prayer, study, praise, obedience and faithful stewardship that demonstrates our love of Jesus the Christ. We will demonstrate these traits in the following ways: Living a Christ-centered life so others will see the goodness of the Lord in us. Accepting our missiom of witness and service to mankind within the church and through out the community. Compassionately and courageously welcome, embrace and include all individuals into the Loudon Avenue Christian Church Family. Creating, sustaining and expanding ministries to address members and community needs and concerns.

Our Vision

Loudon Avenue Christian Church strives to become an extraordinary church that engages and serves individuals in an exemplary way through worship, witness, evangelism, and outreach. Lively worship and faith-based ministries, grounded in biblical teaching and preaching and shared in a welcoming environment, encourages increased involvement in the life of the church. All members, from the youngest to the most senior, are encouraged to participate in the life of Loudon and to share their God given talents.

Loudon Avenue Christian Church’s goal is to demonstrate a “living-faith-heritage” that articulates, in an authentic way, Christ centered gospel preaching and teaching as our commitment to a covenant community of believers in Jesus Christ.