Christian Education Commission

The mission of the Christian Education Commission is to prepare for the congregation the church’s educational philosophy and provide study and teaching resources that will enable each member to increase their Biblical knowledge so they can grow their relationship with God.

The responsibilities of the commission are as follows:

  1. Administer and supervise elements of the church’s educational programs:
    1. Family Life Education
    2. Sunday Church School
    3. Vacation Bible School
    4. Church Library Materials
    5. Promote subscriptions and utilization of Christian Journals and Publications
  2. Make the congregation aware of Christian Education and encourage attendance to enhance the leadership of the church
    1. Higher Education – Christian Colleges
    2. Leadership Schools, Conferences and Workshops
    3. Youth conferences and summer camps
  3. Maintain a proficient budget to meet the educational programs needs of the church.

The chairperson of the Christian Education Commission oversees various departments, classes and other activities within the church. The list below represents each organization and activity which falls under the commission.

  • Christian Education Classes
    • Sunday Church School Classes
    • Men and Women Mid-week classes
    • Vacation Bible School
  • Academic Educational Opportunities
    • Scholarship and Saving Bonds
    • Youth Recognition
  • Youth Praise Ministry
  • Educational Material

If you wish to obtain information about any of the various groups, please contact the church office at 540-342-8852.