Bereavement Committee
This Committee’s responsibilities are to extend LACC love and appreciation by giving monetary gifts and flowers for the sick & shut-in; to send a letter of condolence to the family, and provide meals for the grieved.

Contact: Elta Mae Wilson
Phone Number: 540 342-8852

Commission on Christian Education
The LACC Christian Education Commission’s mission is to provide for the congregation, the church’s educational philosophy, study and teaching resources that will enable each member to increase their Biblical knowledge so that they can grow their relationship with God. This commission administers and supervises elements of the church’s educational programs.

Contact: Edwina Dickey & LaVerne Tiggle
Phone Number: 540-342-8852

Commission on Membership, Evangelism and Renewal
The mission of The Commission on Membership, Evangelism and Renewal is to provide opportunities that promote a spirit of fellowship, acquaintance, and discipleship among the membership from the youngest to the oldest. Focused prayer sessions, Bible Study, Fellowship Meals and Ice cream Socials aid us in growing together as one body of Christ and in fellowship together.

Contact: Tanyia Jones
Phone Number: 540-342-8852

Commission on Christian Action and Community Service
The goal of the Commission on Christian Action and Community Service (CCACS) is to raise the consciousness of the congregation regarding our responsibilities and opportunities for service as Christians; develop and guide task groups to deal with social problems in the fields of race, world order, politics, economics, public morals and social service as they arise; organize the congregation to meet concrete human needs; and develop an out-going community program and activities.

Contact: Brenda Chapman
Phone Number: 540-342-8852

Commission on Stewardship and Finance
The Commission on Stewardship and Finance seeks to educate youth and adults to the importance of good Christian Stewardship. It promotes various aspects such as family budgeting, Christian wills, tithing and service projects. The commission supervises the congregation’s total financial program including budget building, budget control, handling and banking money, bookkeeping records, reports and audits, and keeps the congregation fully informed as to Loudon Avenue’s financial situation.

Contact: Janis Wade
Phone Number: 540-342-8852

Communications Committee
The Communications committee shall coordinate the distribution of information to all church members and to the general public. It shall be comprised of the editor of the LACC News (church newsletter), the Face-book administrator, the LACC web site webmaster, At-Large members of the General Board and other members who will assist in the gathering and dissemination of information.

Contact: Carolyn Harris
Phone Number: 540-342-8852

Constitution Committee
The LACC Constitution Committee is appointed by the Church Moderator, and has responsibility for periodic review and revision of the constitution & bylaws and the policy manual. The Committee presents those revisions to the General Board for approval. The Constitution Committee also is responsible for creating and/or updating an organizational chart which will help explain the church’s organizational layout, depict General Board structure, and help define operational procedures for commissions, committees and ministries.

Contact: Wayne Harris
Phone Number: 540-342-8852

Deacons are responsible for the maintenance and growth of the congregation through its individual member’s corporate life in witness in the community and in the world.

Contact: Patricia Hill
Phone Number: 540-342-8852

Disciple Men
The Disciple Men’s mission is to provide opportunities for spiritual growth, enrichment, education and creative ministries; to enable men to develop a sense of personal growth; and to support the whole mission of the church.

Contact: David Dickey
Phone Number: 540-342-8852

Disciple Women
The MISSION of Disciples Women is to provide opportunities for members to be joined in sisterhood through prayer, study, and service. Our MANDATE is to share the good news of Christ with the world, thinking globally and acting locally; to enable broad participation of women of varying interests, ages, ethnic groups and lifestyles; to study and interpret the message of the gospel and respond to the issues of the day; and to prepare women for full participation in the total life of the church and community.

Contact: Janice Hale
Phone Number: 540-342-8852

Elders are responsible for the spiritual life and development of the congregation, preside at the Lord’s Table, assist and share with the minister in the conduct of pastoral and priestly functions and provide supportive counsel to the minister regarding the spiritual life and development of the congregation.

Contact: Frances Saunders
Phone Number: 540-342-8852

The Faith Health Committee
Mission: The Faith Health Committee is a ministry promoting holistic health that empowers the community through education, counseling, advocacy and support groups. It acts as a source of influence in the life of the church community and is the catalyst encouraging individuals and groups to be involved, making them aware of the importance of the healing that can come from each of them. The Committee also assists the congregation in bridging the gap between the segments of their lives and helps them focus on their totality.

Contact: John Edmonds
Phone Number: 540-342-8852

Nominating Committee
The moderator of the congregation, in consultation with the minister appoints a standing Nominating Committee of not more than six members. This committee has the responsibility for nominating a slate of officers to serve the congregation and general board.

Contact: Carlton Bell
Phone Number: 540-342-8852

Personnel Committee
The Personnel Committee consists of the Senior Pastor, moderator, vice moderator, and three members with human resource management experience. The Personnel Committee is charged with developing policies and procedures related to managing human resources for the church. The committee has the dual role of assisting the Senior Pastor in human resources management and functioning as an employee advocate.

Contact: Calvin Curry
Phone Number: 540-342-8852

The Trustees along with the Facility Manager is responsible for the upkeep of the church property. Trustees hold the title to property of the congregation and act as legal agents for all related matters at the direction of the General Board.

Contact: Eva Hughes
Phone Number: 540 342-8852

Usher Board
The LACC Usher Board’s mission is to serve and help members and guests of the congregation as needed. The usher board strives to make each and every member and/or guest feel welcomed as part of the LACC church family; to provide services during church functions such as revivals and funerals; and to perform community service. The Usher Board also travels with the pastor to area churches assisting in whatever tasks are needed to be done.

Contact: Priscilla Casey
Phone Number: 540-342-8852

  • First Sunday – Young Adult Ushers
  • Second Sunday – Senior Ushers
  • Third Sunday – Junior Ushers and Ushers in Training
  • Fourth Sunday – Senior Ushers
  • Fifth Sunday – Young Adult and Junior Ushers

Worship, Music and Fine Arts Commission
The Worship, Music and Fine Arts Commission has the primary responsibility for the planning, organization, execution and evaluation of LACC’s total worship and music ministries. It assists the Senior Pastor in providing excellence in worship through music, dance, and the arts.

Contact: Katrina Stockton
Phone Number: 540-342-8852

Youth Praise Ministry
The mission of the YPM is to provide a fun atmosphere that promotes the Love of Christ; planting seeds of discipleship to grow great Christians and enable our youth to be tomorrow’s Christian leaders. Through praise, music, dance and art, we will empower youth using all appropriate methods to excite, inspire, capture and ignite young people for Jesus.

Contact: Peggy Fleming
Phone Number: 540-342-8852


  • Youth Praise Team (LACCYPT) – Ages 9-18
  • Youth Praise Dancers (LACCYPD) – Ages 9-18
  • Youth MIME Team (LACCYMT) – Ages 9-18
  • Angelic Whispers – Ages 3-9